• Con X Tech Prize Finalist

    Twenty projects, one goal: ending extinction. We’re proud to announce that the Forgotten Parks Foundation (FPF) are finalists for the Con X Tech Prize,  microgrants program to bring revolutionary ideas from blueprint to prototype. Our idea of using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons with Android smartphones as an open source early warning system to mitigate Human […]

  • Ranger injured in shootout with poachers

    An ICCN Upemba Ranger is recovering from a gunshot wound to his lower leg, inflicted by a poacher during a detention operation within the Upemba National Park on Thursday, June 23rd 2019. The Upemba & Kundelungu Complex medical team were called out to the incident and applied a tourniquet to stop the bleeding and facilitated […]

  • Human-Elephant Conflict

    An ICCN Ranger has been killed after villagers attacked a Ranger post after an Elephant had unfortunately killed a village pastor. Earlier in the day a herd of Elephants entered the village. The villagers attempted to scare off the Elephants but a conflict ensued resulting in a 70 year old pastor being hit by the […]

  • European Commission visit Upemba and Kundelungu National Parks

    A delegation from the European Commission for International development and cooperation fund (COFED) spent 10 days visiting the Upemba Kundelungu National Park complex on a fact finding mission to assess the possibility of expanding its Biodiversity for Life program (B4Life) to the complex.