Establishment of modern management systems in Forgotten Parks based on international standards. Management support may include: management systems, park planning, park performance monitoring, infrastructure, human resources, administration, accounting, and communications.

Research & Monitoring

Development and implementation of a wildlife-monitoring program. Special projects include wildlife re-introductions, invasive species control, and wildlife habituation.

What We Do

Protection & Law Enforcement

Design & implementation of appropriate protection strategies in response to threats and needs. Support may include: ranger training, operations & deployment; equipment, vehicles & rations; rapid reaction anti-poaching units, intelligence and investigation units, K-9 units, & aerial surveillance capacity.

Tourism Development

Assessment, design and development of park-based tourism activities, including products, infrastructure, permits, protocols, park fees, best practices, community engagement, and resource management.

One Health

One Health recognises that the health of people is connected to the health of animals & the environment. It is a collaborative, multisectoral, & transdisciplinary approach—working at the local, regional, national, and global levels—with the goal of achieving optimal health outcomes recognising the interconnection between people, animals, plants, & their shared environment.

Sustainable Financing

Development of sustainable financing mechanisms through the creation of partnerships with the private sector, high net-worth individuals, and bi-lateral donors. Support may include the formation of specific park-based alliances, fundraising initiatives, and the development of a trust fund.

Community Conservation

Establishment of revenue-sharing mechanisms & implementation of special development projects that improve the livelihoods of local communities and contribute positively to the sustainable development of the region.