Kundelungu National Park, DR.Congo

Kundelungu National Park is located 180 kilometers northeast of Lubumbashi on the plateau from which it takes its name, Kundelungu Park is one of the eight national parks in the country, and one of the two located in Katanga with the Park of L ‘Upemba to which it is connected by an ecological corridor allowing the migration of the fauna.

Originally a private hunting area, it was declared a national protected area in 1970, and is actually made up of two zones whose western part (the so-called annex zone) was added more recently. The figures vary according to the source, and it will be said that the area of the park covers an average of 250,000 hectares in the reserve area on the plateau, plus an additional 550,000 hectares of ancillary area.

The park is the site of the Lofoi Falls (also known as the Chutes Kaloba and the Chutes Lofoi) is a waterfall in Kundelungu National Park, Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Plunging down for an unbroken 340 m, it is one of the largest waterfalls in Central Africa. The waters of the Lofoi are a tributary of the Lufira River. The falls shrink quite a bit during the drier season of June to October, but are quite dramatic during the rest of the year